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The Castle Playhouse | Hardwood Childrens Playhouse

    Let your little Kings and Queens live out their regal fantasies in this elegant wooden fairy tale castle playhouse. 

    It is the attention to detail that makes this castle playhouse totally superior to others on the market. Arched windows and a solid arched doorway give this castle a really strong feel.

    Standard features include a solid arched door with safety hinges, Acrylic safety perspex in the arched windows, and two arched windows in each end. Heavy duty green mineral roofing felt finishes the roof.

    This castle playhouse is well suited to be lifted onto a 4' playdeck and a host of extras may be added.

    Approximate Dimensions:        1800 x 1800 x 2100mm or 6' x 6' x 7'

    • Framing ex 38 x 50mm Rounded 4 Corners
    • Roof ex 19 or 25 x 125mm V Jointed Tongue & Groove
    • Floor ex 19 or 22 x 125mm V Jointed Tongue & Groove 
    • Walls ex 22 x 100 or 125mm Log Lap
    • Pressure treated for maximum durability
    • Stainless Steel Nails
    • Internal Eaves height of 1575mm on all playhouses

    Please note that prices shown do not include delivery and erection.

    Please contact the office on 01656 749855 for an exact cost before
    placing an order.

    • Wood is a natural product and due to our changable weather, will develop minor cracks, splits and shakes. This is of no detriment to the product, it is due to the timber absorbing moisture in damp conditions and expelling it in dry conditions. This is perfectly natural and will continue to happen throughout the life of the product, especially during spells of hot dry weather.

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