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All our sustainable garden furniture & products are

manufactured from top quality Scandinavian Redwood sourced from MANAGED forests

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All our furniture and garden products are manufactured from top quality Scandinavian Redwood sourced from sustainable managed forests.

Eco friendly garden products with a low carbon footprint.

10 Year Guarantee | Sustainable Bespoke Garden Furniture | Bridgend

After cutting and machining, and prior to final assembly, the wooden components are loaded into a vacuum chamber and pressure treated or "Tanalised". This means that the preservative has been forced with extreme pressure deep into the wood grain and no further treatment is necessary to prevent rot.

Our professional delivery team will deliver and where necessary install your garden products with the same level of care and attention to detail as the craftsmen that made them.

Delivery quotes available on request.

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We only use the highest grade of Scandinavian Redwood sourced from select sawmills in Northern Sweden where the wood grows in harsh climatic conditions at a much slower rate.

This produces a high quality wood with a tighter grain structure, making it denser and heavier with improved strength and fewer knots that is more stable and less susceptible to shrinking and warping. 


once the wood has been milled it is kiln dried to reduce the moisture content and then planed to size using state of the art moulding technology leaving a perfect finish with smooth rounded edges.

Each piece is then visually inspected and graded by our specialised team ready for cutting and machining into the selected components.

Once all of the cutting, machining and drilling has been completed the components are then packed into crates and loaded into a vacuum chamber ready for the pressure treatment process.

Custom Creations Logo | Sustainable Garden Furniture | Bridgend

Unlike most of our competitors we do not cut up wood that has already been pressure treated.


At Custom Creations we believe that the treatment process should be undertaken properly, so all of our furniture components are manufactured first and then pressure treated. This ensures that every part of your furniture has been treated and there are no exposed cuts that will eventually succumb to the British weather.


Our garden furniture is designed to be used all year round and with minimal maintenance will last 20 years.

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