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Octagonal Outdoor Classroom | Outdoor Teaching Room
  • Octagonal Outdoor Classroom

    Our Octagonal Outdoor Teaching Rooms come in three standard sizes 4M, 5M & 6M diameters and have a fully decked floor, solid timber roof clad with felt shingles and seven half height side panels with bench seats fitted as standard.

    Options available are full height solid side panels, acrylic safety windows & door, guttering & downpipe and an anti-slip entrance ramp.

    Prices quoted are for the building kit only and do not include for any foundations, delivery, installation or VAT.  For a detailed quotation please phone the office on 01656 749855.

    • Wood is a natural product and due to our changable weather, will develop minor cracks, splits and shakes. This is of no detriment to the product, it is due to the timber absorbing moisture in damp conditions and expelling it in dry conditions. This is perfectly natural and will continue to happen throughout the life of the product, especially during spells of hot dry weather.

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